Cockpit for Modo

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Cockpit for Modo adds an additional HUD to the viewport. 
Cockpit collects important data 
and makes it available at first glance
without interrupting your workflow.

Cockpit for Modo has been tested for Modo 15.2v2
up to the current version on windows 11.

Update 1.94

  • Added Morph Indicator Border
  • Added Two Custom Query Indicator Textfields
  • Removed Redundant Code
  • Cockpit Stays Now Alive If Preview Render Is Open

Update 1.9

Works a bit different than older versions. Nearly everything is deferred to have a lower footprint.

Experience is a bit different but Informations stay the same.

Update 1.7

  • Fixes Bug Introduced in Version 1.6
  • Adds a new Option to Custom Box and Custom Box Large - > Siblings
    • Siblings shows the children of the Grouplocator of the selected item

Update 1.6

  • Stability Fixes
  • Performance Fixes
  • Bug Fixes

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Cockpit for Modo 15.2v2 - 16.+


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Cockpit for Modo

2 ratings
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